17 August, 2011


Everyone in the town I grew up in had one. Everyone it seemed except me. (yes, that's an exaggeration because there were others without). Thing was, as far as I knew, everyone was cool with it. Whenever you got one it was like being christened (I was brought up baptist and we didn't do that). There were so many and my memory fades, but Goose and White eye are two I remember. 

But it's when there is a nickname that's said and maybe used regularly without the person's knowledge that things go awry. Seems this happens more often than not and it can be so hurtful when the person learns of it. 

I always wished I'd earned a nickname. I was envious of those that had. It seemed to me to be such a term of endearment, but personal and attached to the individual. A couple of friends have christened me with their versions in the last year or so: Crash Monkey, and Tumbling Thompson. But I was the first person they said it to and I was pleasantly honored. Now, I'm not proud of the fact that I fall down so much on my bike. But, they both seem to fit and are used by those two people with the best of intentions.

There's my soapbox for the week. Think before you use a name or adjective you aren't ready to say to someone's face, k?

peace out y'all

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