20 August, 2011

Season of dry nostrils is over

It happened this week. I'm riding on the road early on and my nose begins to drip. It's clear so it's allergy, but annoying. I'd hoped maybe we could last until October. HA HA so stupid to think that. I'm not sure what is triggering. Woke up in the wee hours of Friday morning with sore throat, fever and ear ache which is NOT what needs to happen. Took some thieves oil and all was clear by mid afternoon.

Got out early this morning and rode mtn bikes with two friends @ Waverly. Such fun time it was. They are much more experienced and a lot stronger than I am, but were sweet and either hung back or waited for me when I trailed behind. It was good because I push myself a lot harder when I ride with others. There were a couple of times though I just had to get off the bike. Asthma kicked in about 2/3 of the way through. 

But I have to say that I was feeling so much more confident doing the downhill portions and was totally loving the whoop-di-doos on the newest trail. We did it twice. :-D  

I gotta figure out what this trigger is. CX practice starts this week and I've been doing drills already. Started walking/running too. I guess the CX cough will be back before I know it.

There are two more mtn bike races that I hope to do. We'll see how that goes. Lots of life stuff happening with family. Big pow wow with my sibs tomorrow. Ah, never a dull moment! Probably a good thing there's not any dating going on right now. All in the grand scheme I reckon.  

Sounds like 2 of my fellow Rogues put out good efforts at Fool's Gold with one coming in third in single speed division. Another friend qualified to go to the 2012 World Championships  in New Zealand during his race today at the USA Triathlon National Championships. And one of the younger Rogues took 1st place at her triathlon today as well! Love to celebrate good things about good people.

Hope all of you are finding things to celebrate too!

peace out

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