18 August, 2011


today was not a good day to work from home. The water co. decided to replace the lead (yes lead which is poisonous to the human species) with copper lines. Jack hammers at 9am were most pleasant. Thank goodness my first call was at 11, with my boss, and they were still creating havoc! 

Behind at work and more urgent requests come at all hours. But one PM tells me that one project is highest/er priority than all others. O. K.

Didn't ride today, should have most likely, but didn't. Hands and feet hurt all night and most of the day. eh

Walked to Hammerheads for dinner. Joined a neighbor and had a nice visit. Walking home I noticed the birds. YEP, they are migrating south already. :(  bummer but it's time. I'm really over the 90s but we'll see them for at least a few more weeks.

It's disappointing when friends don't respond, interact, leave all communication to the written word. Some days I fantasize about unplugging and then I get scared because I'll lose all contact with others.

Yes, randomness. too many thoughts. 

Solitude is not a bad thing. I just need to discover the good qualities it carries.

Serenity and companionship are my goals. Someday

peace to all you jokers

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