27 August, 2011

Town Run the last DINO of 2011 is tomorrow

and so is my last mtn bike race of the year. There's one more, but I've got a family commitment that is more dear and important to me. 

Seems like it took me forever to get everything done today. Get out of bed was the most time consuming. ha ha   Laundry, mowed (weed-eated) the grass, garbage, dishes, packing clothes, packing the van and too much farting around. Made one last phone call to my travel buddy but she didn't come with. Had a few stops to make along the way and hit I-65 northbound.

2 hour drive wasn't bad at all. the entrance to the park is TEENY and I almost missed it. There were quite a few people riding. The weather is perfect! No humidity, mid 80s, nice breeze. Most of the course is in the trees and is nice and cool. There are a couple of places though that are in an open field. Since my race begins around 12:12 tomorrow, those places will be quite warm. 

I'm so glad I pre-rode. No surprises for tomorrow! 

I splurged and got a room for the night. Then I found a Japanese restaurant and ordered sushi takeout. I wonder how many from home will show up for the race? I know there's a big MotoGP race here tomorrow, too. 

I'm tired. Ready to put my feet up and relax a while before hitting my pillow.


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