24 August, 2011

so much on my mind

so much to think about. Walked 4 blocks to grab a bite to eat. Stupid air had me wheezing before I got there. Walking home my ribs were sore, probably from coughing over the last two days. Sure can't ride if I can't walk. 

It's cool though. Other things are occupying my time. Hours and hours of work. Family tasks. Touching base with friends.

I have gotten such good news lately. Babies being born, friends getting engaged, family members having breakthroughs, friends finally able to finish healing and start to do the things they want to do. 

So what if I didn't do first cx tonight. Lots left to attend. Someone posted up a movie, Blackthorn. Its a western and looks like a good one. I think Dad would've enjoyed it. Thinking I might go see it. solo  Never done that before, reckon it's time. 

To my friends who are battling something right now, keep up the fight and take care of you. Get the rest you need and allow your body to heal. Damn, I know it's difficult to be patient.

I'm counting on the air quality to improve and the temps to start to drop. One last mtn bike race on Sunday and I don't want to miss it if I can help it.

much love to you all and peace

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