16 July, 2011

fitness, subjective?

So I've been thinking about what the man said last night, "how do you stay so fit?"  was a nice boost to my self-confidence. But, I'm not all that fit. I want to lose minimum of 10 lbs and be able to ride my mountain bike for over 2 hours without stopping to catch my breath and let my HR drop.

I have friends that are tri-athletes and can ride, run and swim circles around me. Then I have friends that do ultra sports, like 50 and 100 mile runs/trail runs. Or others that ride their bicycles in brevet series of 400K or more.
I am sure he must've been saying that as comparison to many women in my age group (or broader). I am more fit that I was for 3 decades. However, I'm not where I'd like to be. I may never be satisfied.

But it's very nice to have someone, anyone say something nice like that. When it's a perfect stranger (and married to boot) then that's icing on the cake. Made my weekend, to be sure


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