15 July, 2011

ok, so I'm clueless!?!

I ask a friend to dinner, but they never respond. I go anyway. I've been wanting to get to this local microbrew, New Albanian Brewing Company in New Albany, IN.

I drive over and put my name in for a table and find the bar. Bartender pours me samples of two different beers and I choose one. There's really no place to be, so I find a corner of the bar to set my glass of beer and water and wait.

An attractive gentleman starts talking to me, asking questions. Introduces himself. We chat a bit. He asks what I do to keep so fit. We chat some more. Easy conversation. Then I find out he's married. wa wah   Story of my life. It's cool. Received a nice couple of compliments, so good for my self confidence. Maybe I made another friend, can't have too many you know

Not sure what to do or if it's up to me. Just totally clueless with it all. ha ha

The full moon is gorgeous tonight. I hope you guys have an evening full of fun and laughs and maybe some more fun. (<---   (-:   )


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