10 July, 2011

Riding bike is TOPS

Monday is recovery day, but this week it was 4th of July so I rode trails with DB for what seemed like a very long time! Met a a TR guy that races mtn bike. I didn't know they existed! ha ha 

Tuesday was going to finally race the 5-spot (which is actually $15 this year) but work comes first. By the time I wrapped up and headed out I missed the women's race. So I did my form sprints as prescribed as the alternate workout. 4 over and 4 on the way home. I watched the 1/2/3 race and chatted with several of my buddies. There are quite a few guys and enough making up teams that they can do point strategy. Something I need to learn more about.

Wednesday I went to meditation. It had been too long. I needed it and so glad I went. I felt so relaxed and grounded after. I joined a friend at Holy Grail and had a couple of very nice ales and wasabi peas. yums  

Thursday, KT and I rode the Blue Dog ride. This goes to New Albany, Blunk Knob, Hwy 11, but we detoured and took Corydon Pike back down into New Albany. That Knob always kicks my butt! I had checked the cue sheet for most of the turns and made a few corrections. But missed the right hand turn onto 11 and we turned left instead. ONTO Chipseal no less! We went way past Farnsley Knob Rd, found a nice lady who let us refill our bottles and turned around. I was so happy to see Polly's Freeze! I told KT I needed a slushy. We stopped for a bit and cooled down. It was a very warm day. We made it home just before dark. KT loved the downhill on Corydon Pike back into  New Albany.

Friday was recovery ride, yeah right! I met KT. My schedule said small chain ring. I was spinning my arse off! I only did one lap and we made plans to race on Sat. Went home, cleaned up, went to grocery dropped in a friend's house for fish tacos, came home, packed the car, hit the bed.

Sat. I picked up KT about 6:45 and we headed for Anderson, IN to race the DINO RNP. This was a ~ 3 hours to get there. KT is Cat 1 woman racer and I am Cat 3. Her course was 6 miles while mine was 3. I was good with that. :)  We both pre-rode. And boy were we glad we did! There were quite a few obstacles and very technical places. I took my time preriding but came out hard and took a lot of the downhills much faster because I prerode. Unfortunately, KT won her race, she was bookin! I came in third in mine. One of the RedZone girls raced my category and took 1st which was awesome. She got me by 3 minutes, a minute a mile. After awards we packed the car and headed to Versailles, IN State park. The next race on the DINO schedule. The temps rose as did the humidity. But at least we rode in the shaded woods. I had KT lead the way about 2/3 to 3/4 of the day. I wanted to watch and learn. We rode 12.5 miles and what a great time we had! Unfortunately, I fell twice.  But then I always fall it seems. It was dark by the time we got back to Louisville. We stopped by the store, unloaded KT's gear, got home and unloaded most of mine.

Sunday, I have been doing just a few odds and ends and NOT riding my bicycle. My legs are toast. The phone alarm went off at 6:30 even though I thought I told it not to. ;)   I slept until 10! I've made a pot of veggie soup, done laundry, stripped the bed, swept and mopped floors, watered plants and kept my feet elevated the rest of the time. 

Promised a friend that I will show her how to fix a flat tire tomorrow evening and hope to get in an easy spin before putting in some good efforts the rest of the week. Think I'll get into the office tomorrow and see some colleagues as well. Waiting to hear about moving my grip shifters closer to the end of my handlebars. KT says that will help with my stability and balance. I can use more of those! ha ha 

Have a wonderful week ahead everyone and stay cool! 


oh yeah, KT said she was talking to one of the guys at RNP. He asked how old we are, etc. Said it was pretty hot that a 53 year old woman was racing mountain bikes. hmmm, maybe other guys think so too. Be nice if they told me that.  ha ha  

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Judi said...

tell kiersta i said hi. i do not understand what i did wrong but that girl will not accept my friend request on fb. it disturbs me. hope to see you at the hueston woods race on sunday.