12 September, 2011

Huber's Applecross - day #2

They reversed the course and made some additional modifications. I pre-rode 2 laps before the Men's Cat 4 race. It would be challenging to be sure.

After Saturday's race I took too long to eat. Wound up at ValuMarket hungry and bought veggies and things to take Sunday. Also picked up some sushi for dinner. yum  I slept 9 hours. Kept hitting the snooze.

The lineup was a bit different some people from Saturday didn't race and new people showed up. They started the single speeds, then the Cat 3/4 women's open then the Cat 3/4 women's 35+. The lap times would be set based upon the first, fastest lap. One of the single speed guys set the pace and we did 4 laps as opposed to 3 from the day before.

This was a fun and challenging course. It was all about power and some technical skill. I need more power to ride that darned run-up. We all ran it in this race (I don't know about the SS because they were too far in front) When I came around the end of the first lap and saw 3 laps to go my heart wound up in my throat for a bit. Halfway through the lap I caught my composure and second wind. I put the bike in the big ring everychance I had. I felt great coming back down out of the orchard, around the pond. I went airborne each lap just before the sweeping downhill which was yesterday's run-up.

I got smart and dismounted on the right side of the bike at the run-up. This prevented me from falling across the tape like a turtle.  ;)  I ran the sand pits today. While my running and cardio stink, it was better than expending extra energy trying to ride the fluffy sand. I must get this running and dis/remounting going. I also need more power and less weight and a newer engine. ha ha ha

It was a fun weekend. I ended up 5th on Sunday after a 7th place finish on Saturday. It's not a bad way to start the season. I had to laugh, one of the ladies I raced against made a few comments. All with the best of intentions. But she said to me, "Sherri they need a category for women in your age group". And then "what've you been doing to get so fast?"  To which I responded, "just wait, I'll be kicking your butt in December."  all in good fun though

I stayed and watched the rest of the races. Took some video too. It's always great fun to race and then watch everyone else suffer. Their races are longer but they have better skills and are faster too. I keep watching these cyclists ride the run-up and I just wish I had that kind of power in my legs. I will keep working on that.

I was exhausted by the time I got in. A friend and I went straight to dinner. She and I were both starving. I got home, took a hot bath and was in bed before 9:30. I think I was too tired to stay asleep though. Woke up about 12:30 for an hour, then sleep was sporadic and a migraine ensued. Might've been too much sun. I was a little crispy around the edges. ;)  

The videos show good things, but also have my voice. I hate to hear me. I sound like such a hick. Cheering and heckling all of those guys. It's nice to hear your name as you suffer. I know I pedal harder when I hear people pulling for me.

I'm off next weekend from racing. Sunday will be family day. Missing the first of OVCX at FishstiCX but family comes first.

The authorities shut down one of our three bridges across the Ohio river over the weekend. We now have traffic catasrophe if you need to cross. I hope if you are one of these caught in the mess that you are able to find a solution/alternative.

peace to all 

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