04 September, 2011

Ha ha, life has it's way

of turning out for the best.  Might even turn out the way you want, but not on your terms. One thing I know, I have no control over fate. but despite my attempts sometimes, just sometimes life happens the way I would have it happen.  Other times, I concede it happens the way it should in spite of my wishes.  And the rest, maybe I'm not so wise after wall.

My Mom is  with me for a while. She has macular degeneration. I would be scared and cantankerous too if that was happening to me. We can now move forward with doing what is necessary to get her closer and help her be more secure and safe.

There's lots of other stuff going on too. But this isn't the proper forum for it. Just know family always comes first. But that doesn't mean anything more than I must let it unfold. 

CX is underway!!!  A friend bought her first CX bike today. We went to RRCC and rode the course a couple of times. This should be the best year yet racing CX!!!

peace to everyone

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