10 September, 2011

1st CX race of 2011 is in the books

Huber's Applecross Day 1 was fantastic. Tough course, yet fun. Weather was beautiful, though warmer than I'd hoped and drier too.  ;) 

One of my very best friends just bought a CX bike last Sunday, practiced all week and did her first bike race ever today. I'm so very proud of her. She did great! 

There were 9 women registered for the 3/4 35+ women's race, 8 toed the line. There were 3 under 35 Cat 3/4 women. The best part of my performance was that I got the hole shot. I enjoyed the race, as much as you can enjoy a CX race. But fell in the sand pit once, slid out on the long off-camber section once, and fell for the last time on the 3rd lap at the run-up. I rode it 2/3 or more of the way and just couldn't keep it going. Dismounted on the wrong side and fell to my left across the tape on my back like a turtle. Bike on top, head downhill feet uphill.  ha ha I started laughing and couldn't breathe and couldn't get the bike off of me.

Tomorrow!!! They are going to reverse the course and make a few changes. I'm sure it'll be tough.

Best part of the day is all of the camaraderie amongst all of the women. Such a good feeling.  Next best was seeing so many people I've not seen since last CX season. Good people all.

Time for bed, I am beat


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