22 September, 2011

what to write

I Love my Mom. Family comes first. It's challenging. I Keep reminding myself this is not about me. But I am thankful for my brother and sister. They give me a respite now. 

This weekend is #2 and #3 of the Ohio Valley cyclo cross series (OVCX) .  There are some very fast and strong women in the cat 4 35+. I'm still realistic. as long as I don't DNF and hopefully not DFL life will be good.

I have two friends who went down this morning. Both injured due to an unleashed dog. Their seasons may well be over for 2011. Sending them the best of vibrations and much love and healing thoughts.

peace to all

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Allison said...

So sorry to hear about the unleashed dog. That was always lurking in my mind the brief time we lived and rode in NC. Country dogs seemed to live for the chase. Not sure which is worse, urban riding with leashed dogs and irate drivers; or fewer cars but dogs. Good luck to you in the next racing, hope it goes well and you like your finish.