09 September, 2011

Yippee! 1st cyclocross race of the year tomorrow

but I'm fairly tentative about it. Training is slow to get together. BUT I am psyched to get to see all of these great people I've not seen since last season!!!

One of my very good friends is up to do her first race tomorrow. She will rock this race. All she needs to do is chill and focus.

I'm thrilled to sleep in my bed again for a few days. My sis came and took Mom for a few days. Life is good.

So, it's almost a full moon. I'm feeling all giddy. Like maybe I should do something outrageous before the weekend is over.

I'm slightly disappointed that my daughter is the only person that has noticed my new do. Eh, its cool. 

To all of my friends racing this weekend: kick some CX Ass!!!! and drink a beer when you are done.


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AM said...

Kick some butt, y'ah hear?