21 January, 2009

Change! it's all around and nothing can escape it

We are surrounded by it. We inaugurate a new president and the market drops again. I do not expect things to improve overnight. I am cautiously optimistic. I sat and watched the oaths and his speech. I was in the lunch room at work. I was so disappointed in some of the younger workers and their lack of attention and respect. But then we live in a free country and so I will continue to be disappointed by others.

Lots more change coming to the workplace. Seems it's been nonstop since 2005. Not sure I'm happy about it all. Doesn't really matter if I am or not. :-( Lots of changes coming in my personal life, but those are taking a while. Some day maybe I'll post about those.

Went to Tuesday night Trainer Tours last night. We had at least 50 people. So many congratulated me on the Most Improved. Several had their stories to tell of my riding this past year. AB said how bad I was when I started. Made me laugh! The session was only 50 minutes and 10 of those were me warming up in advance. I was working my ass off, went through 2 bottles of water. I stood in the pedals more than I've ever done before. We were supposed to spring, which I tried but I just wanted to stay in the pedals the full time. I need to understand more about the heart rate stuff. My average usually hovers around 145 - 155, but last night my max hit 184 which I think it pretty high.

Broke a spoke in my rear wheel so bike is at the lbs today. I miss it! Tomorrow is supposed to be tough at Trainer Tours. I can't wait. sick huh? Hope the weather holds as there is a 60 miler on Saturday. Sunday is taking Mom to church day.

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