08 January, 2009

One day left in the first work week of the year!

It has been interesting so far. My youngest daughter had a HIDA scan and more extensive bloodwork. Still not feeling very well, taking finegrin (spelling?) regularly. Back to the GI on Wednesday for results and next steps.

Took a full day to get back in the work swing. But, I've been running. Decided it's fun to run downtown in the early morning. Watch people drive to work. This is going to take a while to get the run thing in a groove. Wish I hadn't stopped last spring.

Lot's of other stuff going on in the personal life. Mom thinks she will get to drive when she goes back to the eye doctor end of the month. Honestly, I hope she can. She's been miserable and very mean.

Hope the weather holds for outdoor riding this weekend. I have been doing the trainer tours on Tuesday and Thursday. Good way to burn calories, sweat and get these legs and heart tuned up!

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