26 January, 2009

How do I title this?

So, there's more change at work. How we are structured, how we work with each other, etc. I was told not to overthink it. Well, that was a silly thing to say, 'cause that's what I do. With everything! It's how I'm made. Part of being Gemini, part of being in menopause, part of making big changes in all parts of my life. I analyze and analyze. It's who I am! I'm struggling with where I am in many areas. What can I do, what can I learn, how can I assist? What is the career progression, is there a plan? Do I look elsewhere? Not in this economy!

So I took a couple days off the bike. Normally don't ride on Friday. Didn't sleep much at all Friday night. Was looking forward to a 60 miler on Saturday morning, but had stomach issues half the night. So I took Saturday off. Thought it was a good move. Went out and rode on Sunday with the club. I was up front with the racer boys and a few fast club riders. Is was a cool 23F throughout the ride. They weren't pushing very fast so I was able to hang with them and sit in the paceline. At one point on Lexington they put on a rotating paceline that went counterclockwise. I sat back on the left-hand side and watched to learn. Very interesting stuff! Once we rode onto Baxter and Jefferson we moved back to a double line, there were about 10 of us together. Somewhere between traffic lights one of the guys panicked, decided he didn't need to be riding with us. Instead of slowing and signaling, he made a sharp right turn to the side of the street, clipping my front wheel. I couldn't react fast enough and went down. One of the racers that was directly behind me ran his front wheel into my left rib cage and flipped over me. Talk about an adrenaline rush!

Thank goodness no one was seriously hurt or bikes damaged. The club's VP of Racing, rode back with me to the start. The other rider that went down peeled off and headed home, but not with us. I kept tell ML that it wasn't necessary to ride with me, that I was fine. I'm so glad he did. He took me on a route that had no hills and only one small incline. That incline was painful riding up. The other routes that I knew and would've taken would have been so very much worse. I sat with some of the other riders as they got back at the local coffee house, sipping on hot chocolate. I then went to my siblings to have a family meeting about Mom. It was several hours before I got home. On the way home I stopped and picked up beer, then got gas. Getting in and out of the car was painful. When I got to the house I worried about begin able to get in or out of the tub. I'm so glad that I did take a bath though. I ran the hottest water I could stand and turned on the jets. They helped loosen up those muscles and such around the ribs. Once I got out and dressed I put ice on the ribs for an hour or so, fifteen minutes at a time. Took an aleve and had a couple beers. Sleep was difficult for a couple hours, 'cause each time I turned I woke up in pain.

Stayed home today and am amazed at how good I feel considering. Think I should be good as new at least pre-wreck condition by the weekend.


maggie's mind said...

Sounds scary and painful. Hope you are feeling better!

Sherri said...

Give me a few days and I'll be fine. I got on the trainer last night and went easy for an hour. Today am more sore, more lessons for patience. Not scary though.

maggie's mind said...

I didn't see an email address, but your randomly generated letter for the letter meme thing is N. Have fun! :)