18 January, 2009

It's been a cold week

making it difficult to get outside and ride or run. The temps dropped to zero a couple of nights, winds make it feel well below zero. Tuesday night, once I got home from the Trainer tours I started having crazy chills that continued into Wednesday morning. I don't think I had a fever, but slept most of Wednesday. I didn't want to take a chance on carrying germs to work so I worked from home the rest of the week.

The Trainer Tours on Tuesday night were a great workout, though seemed short. Other than a few instances of not being able to stand in the pedals the entire time, I felt great about doing the workout in the appropriate gears and intensity. Sad that I didn't feel up to riding on Wednesday. The Thursday night Tour got cancelled due to a concert at the church, so I rode the trainer at home.

A dear friend of the family passed away on Thursday so hubby and I picked up my Mom and went to visitation. I saw so many people I've not seen a long time. Sad to think a death is what it takes to bring people together, but then maybe that is a good side affect after all.

The temps on Saturday morning were 16F at 9 am, so I opted out of the regular club ride. Rode the trainer for 2.5 hours, staying in the big ring and standing in my pedals several times, pumping out some revolutions. While riding indoors is not particularly fun, it's better than not riding at all.

Kentucky finally posted their results from the Senior Games on the National site. I found out that I qualify not only for the Time Trials, but also the road races. I have tons of work to do and time to shave between now and August!

The club banquet was last night. Had such a good time, chatting and mingling with everyone. Some I've not seen since October as they don't ride in colder temps. I was surprised as I won the club's Most Improved Female Rider award. Very cool stuff.

Today I'm riding the 2:00 ride and then going to Oli's for a potluck.

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maggie's mind said...

Brr... Been so cold so many places the past several days. Glad you are able to do your thing indoors when needed.