04 January, 2009

Exhilarating times and a couple not so

Friday was a different kind of day. I had a small biopsy. Checking for a certain condition which worried me that I would be out of the saddle for a while. Not expecting it to be a big deal. Find out on Friday. Okay and one side note, I gained 5 pounds over Christmas. What's with that?! I didn't eat any desserts either. Oh well, back to training.

Once done, I drove to another doctor's office to meet my youngest. She's had two surgerys now, a laproscopy to check for endometriosis and another to remove her gall bladder. The last was on Dec 9. She's still throwing up, nauseated and diahrea. This doctor is a GI. Tomorrow he will do an upper GI. She is so sick and tired of being sick and tired. I wish I had more power so I could help her. But right now all we can do is keep trying.

Saturday I rode the 35er. It was odd as everyone started out about 12 mph or so. Hugo and I wound up up front and then before we knew it we were alone. Reckon the rest got caught by traffic lights. I had his wheel for a while downtown, but once we got on the Parkway he took off. I kept him in my sights a block or so in front of me, but lost him in Shawnee Park. Not sure what happened. Maybe he decided to do his own thing. I rode the front solo until S 3rd/Southern Parkway. Four guys caught up with me and they all said, "we didn't know it was you. We've been chasing you all the way through downtown". I hung with them all the way to the entrance to Iroquois Park. I kept them in my sights until the 2nd switchback. The ride back was fun, but I didn't have the staying power to keep with the fast ones. Guess I should be happy since it was a tender saddle the full 35.

Today was exhilarating. I rode the regular Sunday out of Heine at 2:00. It was drizzling and 60F. I had already decided that even if they cancelled the ride, I was going for a ride. Who knew when we'll get another 60F day in January or February or March! There were at least 30 cyclists that showed. We ran into several more from the racing teams a few miles in. Somehow I hung with the LBC racer boys for the first 13 or so miles. Through the parks, down Lexington, downtown, and out to River Rd. They lost me just before Thurman Hutchings park. Water was spraying up off the road, mud was smacking me in the face. Thank goodness for my sunglasses! Though I wore the orange lenses and as overcast as it was clear might have been better. This was the most fun I've had in a while. Getting all wet and muddy chasing the fast racer boys. It just doesn't get much better than this. I have a lot of work to do. Intervals and such. speed work! Less than two months before the first race begins in the Spring Series.

Oh yeah. I started running. Well walking/running. Think I'll sign up for the triple crown this year. Not sure how I'll do. but found out that the Louisville marathon is a qualifier for Boston now. So, maybe next year, if I'm fast enough I can qualify for Boston. That, would be cool.

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