30 December, 2008

One more day left in this year of 2008

It's been an odd year, full of turmoil and people losing jobs and sitting on a house that still hasn't sold. But it could be worse. All of my family are still close. We have our good health (for the most part).

I took a short ride today. A bowl of bean soup and some cheese and crackers for dinner last night really wasn't enough fuel for a good ride today. Nutrition is key! I planned a 20 and wound up with 15 miles out Route Rd and back. The club had a 40 miler, but didn't have enough time to get back, bathe and make my hair appt.

The ride was challenging for more than the nutrition issue. I get about halfway down Route Rd and a car pulls out of a driveway to my left (opposite side of road). The driver and I look at each other, I keep pedalling and he keeps pulling across the road right at me! I start screaming and waving my left arm. He comes within 2 inches of my front wheel, I don't know how we missed each other. He just pulled away and then made the next left about 150 yards up the street. What's up with that? No harm, no foul I guess. But I also have to think I have to be a very lucky woman. I know some many that have been hit or bit by a dog among other mishaps. I'm sure my odds will run out, they always do.

After coming home and taking a nice soak in the tub, I took off to do a little clothes shopping. After picking up a few items, I made my hair appt with 5 minutes to spare! ;-) The girl I go to is my oldest's age, they've known each other since they were babies (had the same babysitter). I put my hair in her hands and she gave me a nice trim, relayered, and soft perm. Yes!

I have to work 4 hours tomorrow morning and then start taking down the decorations. Not sure I'll get to ride unless it's on the trainer. Festivities will be close to home, small number of friends, peaceful and safe. Then start out New Year's with a polar bear ride and potluck.

Next time I'l try to update on what I've learned so far about my Heart Rate monitor I got for Christmas.

Happy New Year's Eve, everyone! (almost)

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