21 December, 2008

Rationalise - never satisfied?

First of all, I'm a sad individual. Took Mom to church, then was going to get some work done. Next half hour spent trying to find a wireless network to hook into. Now my battery is on the verge of sleep mode and I still won't get any work done. Did you know that there are tons of people with wireless and not enabled security? Shhh, don't say anything!

I got to yesterday's ride start and saw several people I've not seen in a while. Many came up to me and asked where I'd been! I've been riding, just not the regular rides, I told them. It was good to see several in the group. I was feeling fairly strong and the temps were in the high 30s so no wheezing issues. I rode up front with another cyclist I just met and we hung on the front together until Northwestern Parkway, where he dropped me. I worked hard to keep 18 - 20 mph average, just couldn't stay on his wheel. I kept thinking I would see the rest of the group as I circled Shawnee and headed back towards Bank St, but never saw another cyclist. Now that was just weird.

When I turned ont 6th Street I saw a group of 5 that left early from the start, at least 5 to 10 minutes early. I started sprinting to catch up, but kept getting caught by the traffic signals. At one stoplight, I told a gentleman at the bus stop that I just couldn't catch up to those guys. He was very nice and chatted until the light went green, as I pedalled away he told me to be safe. Nice person. I think I've said before, I try to say hello to people while riding. I think it goes back to my Dad waving at people while driving. It's important to be friendly and show people niceties and courtesies.

As I passed Kentucky, I caught the guys that left early. I hung with them all the way to Iroquois. Except for one two block stint. I getting stronger on the hill, but still slower than I want to be. Finally a couple of the guys from behind passed me on this hill. I kept wondering where they were.

It was a good ride, and though I'm not happy with my average speed, I felt strong all day and really didn't mind riding solo quite so much. The cold zaps your energy so quickly. I need to start packing a gel or two in my jersey. You don't realise until the end of 2 and a half hours how spent you are and then I'm starving, too!

So I've rationalised my stealing wireless and never satisfied with my cycling speed. :-)

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