28 December, 2008

Time off is good

So, after so much massive caloric intake it was time to burn off some food! I can't believe how 3 days screws with your body! I have to get back to eating fresh fruit and veggies and away from all this rich food.

Yesterday was great riding. The beginning of the ride was close so I rode to and fro which added 20 miles for a total of 46. The temps were high of 71F and winds 20 - 30 mph. There were a couple of times the cross winds had me leaning further than I've ever leaned, even on a turn! I have to get faster on hills! Especially if I'm going to be any good at all next year at the games. We were having a great time and all was going well, about 15 of us and we were all hanging. The first big hill I slowed, Rick was with me. He was fixed and had already ridden 40 earlier. The RC fell back, I think it'd been sometime since he'd been out on his bike and he was working hard. Oh yeah, the ride start, we saw a couple of young men pull in and bring out a suitcase, then a LMPD officer and another pulled in. They had a python! Wild stuff.

I finally got out this morning and walked briskly. Much different with 35F and a little breezy. Put in 25 minutes and was in my HR zone for 21 of it. Tomorrow I'll actually run. It's got to help my heart and overall recovery.

Today I rode the regular Sunday 2:00 out of Heine Bros. Nice crowd of 35 or more. Temps were about 45 or so and the sun was glorious! I rode with a nice size group most of the ride, This made River Road so much more fun. Of course everyone else handles Glenview no prob and I drop back. Murph and I rode in together. He's a very good dude.

Only thing on tomorrow's schedule is a 7:00 pm ride. Guess I'll get out and run, go buy new tires for my car, maybe have the LBS mechanic check out my bike and if there's enough sunlight left ride a few miles. Have to see how it all plays out.

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