03 December, 2008

The indoor season begins

The club Trainer Tours started last night. This is where members gather twice a week at a local church, bring their bikes and trainers or rollers, and sweat together for an hour. It never ceases to amaze me of some of these peoples physical ability and speed. You can't really tell on the open road like you can while they're on rollers or trainer.

I really had a great time. Started sweating bullets within 10 minutes of warmups. I felt so out of shape during this one. We had reps of sitting and standing which I need so much more work. About 35 minutes into the 45 minute workout, I developed cramping in my left calf and then my right which caused me to back off the intensity of bit.

Can't wait to get back out tomorrow and do it again though! It's amazing how good I feel these days, breathing easy. No smoke filled lungs for me any more. Very happy I quit tobacco.

1 comment:

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