30 November, 2008

End of November 08

It's the thirtieth of November. We are having a dark, gray, wet day that is too warm for snow and at 44 cool enough to want to stay indoors.

Yesterday morning started out at 38F for the ride and cloudy skies. I'd been dealing with a toothace the night before and decided it wasn't going to bother my ride and it didn't. We had a very nice turnout, with a few out of towners joining in. I was happy with my ride, though I always wish I was faster. I hung with the front group all the way to Shawnee until some point on Bank Street. Rick was fixed, he was breaking my wind, he started loosing steam so we peeled off the front of the pace line and boom! Faded too fast. Several of us grouped together and rode to 6th, through St James, down 3rd and lo and behold we caught up with the front guys at Central. We all stayed together until the hill in Iroquois and I got dropped. :-( Rode most of the way back solo. When I checked my time it was the fastest for this ride at 2:08.

I was chilled, so jumped in a hot bath once I got home and my tooth began to ache. Hubby pulled out decorations and I watched as he put the garland on the porch railing. I found the wreaths and put them on the front upstairs windows. He put the prelit tree in the foyer window. The front of the house looks festive! Now for the indoor tree. Maybe a little bit each night this week.

I've been emailing with a friend quite a bit. I think I need to pay close attention to what I type. It seems that has gotten very easy to be misinterpreted lately. I wish more of our communication could be conversational because email just doesn't seem to work at all anymore. However, email will remain the primary form of contact for now. Think I should just let it rest.

Here's hoping for a delightful December for my friends and family!

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