13 November, 2008

Shitty day but a nice evening

Office politics - just suck big time. I'm very tired of all the maneuvering that happens. Much of the time it's all about who you work for and/or who you know and/or if someone with power likes you. Too much.

So I've started blowing the dust off of my resume. It's a scary thing. This economy isn't exactly the right time to be job hunting. Hell, I'm 50 and I'm not sure anyone wants the skills I have.

The weather today was very nice. It was 62F at 5:45 when our ride started. The sun was beautiful setting in the Western horizon while the Full Moon was rising from the Eastern horizon. The sunset had all those hues of pink and orange, but the the full moon was an odd orange early on, too. But once it got up into the night sky, the clouds faded and the moon shone very brightly.

The were about 12 of us that rode tonight. I worried that I would get cold, but stuck with the arm and leg warmers. I was just fine. Wonder if I can get out in the 40 degree weather we are supposed to have this weekend and survive. TIme will tell. They are forecasting snow flurries on Saturday, brrrrrrr.

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