28 November, 2008

Chose not to shop today

I debated with myself about taking mom shopping today. But finally opted to spend a day by myself after spending most of yesterday and couple hours on Wednesday. I don't enjoy shopping. I've been out on Black Friday a couple of times in my life and was miserable each time. I have a feeling this year is going to be much different for the holidays. I'm trying to decide how I can try to make it special for those I hold dear.

Today was a Show and Go, nothing on the schedule for the day. We rode the full River Walk to Farnsley Moorman and back for 50 miles. The day was warmer than last Saturday. The morning started about 39F and was 53F by the end of the ride. This was basically the same route as last week.. The sky was cloudy for the first half of the ride. No one wanted to ride fast :-( I was fairly comfortable today, except for my toes. I have to figure out what to do for them if I'm going to ride in colder temps. I rode with several people, chatting most of the ride. Always good to get to know people a little more.

We ride out past an industrial area where Dupont and Rohm Haas have plants. I didn't notice last week, maybe because the air was colder then and I wore my balaclava over my nose and mouth. Today I could smell and taste the chemicals in the air. One place was an asphalt odor, in another it was paint or something like that. We stopped for 15 at the Save A Step and headed back. No fish sandwiches today. As we got within a mile or so of where the Belle of Louisville is docked we had a nice view of the Ohio River. Never before has it looked like it did today. It's always been brown or greenish brown; full of debris, etc. Today it was this beautiful blue and very serene. It had a nice calming affect on me.

Tomorrow is only 35, so I think I'll add some to the end. They've closed a bridge to automobiles on River Road right where Wolf Pen Branch starts. Thought I might check it out, see if it's a pain putting the bike over the guard rails. The rain starts tomorrow night and I assume I'll be back on the trainer for the week ahead. No compliants though. It's been fantastic this year for riding.

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