23 November, 2008

Looking forward to a warm 50F day!

I debated with myself on which ride to do on Saturday or do both? It was 24F at 10 when the first ride, a 35 miler, began. The coldest I've done is 42F. I'm not so worried about being cold, Layers and windbreakers are the key, learned that in Girl Scouts decades ago. My lungs have always been at issue in cold air. So, I opted for the 50 mile ride at noon instead.

The first half was great fun, though my toes were frozen. I had two pairs of socks and shoe covers, but could not get my toes to warm up. We rode the RiverWalk. It was a very flat ride. I know if we'd had some hills we would've warmed up quickly. My balaclava works very well, except that my sunglasses steam up and I can't see. I spent lots of energy just trying to focus on breathing so that won't happen. I rode with several, including Grasshopper, and had some fun conversations about a wide variety of topics. We rode to Farnsley Moreman, turned back and then stopped at Mike Linnig's to grab a bite. I wish we hadn't stayed so long, at least 45 minutes. It was tough going back out in the cold. The group I was with took off like a shot. I worked to stay with them for the first 5 miles. But the cold air was too much for my lungs and they started closing up where I could not inhale deeply enough. I slowed down and went through my relaxation exercise, mind over body. Finally, I started feeling more calm and could breathe, but I'd lost site of those in front and no one was behind me. I rode into Shawnee and was annoyed that I hadn't paid better attention to where the River Walk comes out. I finally found it and rode in the rest of the way. The thermometer on my car read 32F when I arrived at the ride start and 36F when I got back. The winds downtown made it feel 25F at 4:30 and the clouds were so thick, darkness fell very quickly once I started driving home.

Once home, I immediately ran a tub with very warm water and soaked with the jets running. I struggled with the asthma off and on throughout the night. Think I may need to stick with once a day on the Advair while riding in the winter.

Today the sun has shone brightly since daybreak. It has a tremendous affect on my outlook on life. I've been doing some work, sitting at the dinnette watching the shadows show short. I'm thrilled to get to be back on the bike for the 2 o'clock ride today. My biggest dilemma is how to dress, I don't want to overdress and definitely don't want to underdress.

Back to work for a bit, then off to ride. Not sure what I'll do this evening, maybe read or try my hand at writing.

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