19 November, 2008

Took a day off work

I hope it doesn't come back and bite me on the butt.

I needed some downtime. My youngest is still having problems, her gyno said she may not have needed the procedure. Ran more tests on Monday and she goes back next Monday. Missing more work and jeopardising her job and insurance. My brother took Mom back to the opthamologist today. Her right eye has stopped bleeding and is clear. The left eye has started again. She still can't drive and is very disappointed.

I called my daughers and finally reached the youngest. We went to lunch and shopped a bit. It was nice. She is on pain meds and didn't have much to say, which is very unusual as she is a big talker. She apologised but I told her I was happy just being in her presence.

I rode with 6 others tonight. It was 42F and dark. Glad I found a good windbreaker with a hood.

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