23 November, 2008

Beautiful day

I slept in til 8 am. I had my quota of coffee and oatmeal while working. The sun shone so brightly I had to move around the table so I could see the pc screen.

The regular club ride out of Heine Bros had a nice turnout, several rode up 5 minutes before we left. It was 50F and breezy. I decided to take an easy spin today. My lungs were wheezy last night and even woke up in the middle of the night with some heaviness. I kept my speed through the park around 20 mph, and closer to 17/18 mph the rest of the way, Lexington, downtown, River Road. At one point Grasshopper rode by on his fixie and said to grab a wheel. I did, but they were cruising at 23+ mph, my lungs were already burning so I backed off. Got to Glenview and struggled a bit, my lungs started to shut down a little. Again with the relaxation, mind over matter and several passed me. Funny, once I got to Brownsboro everyone was stopped at the light so I rode the balance of the ride with them.

Quite of few of us went to Heine Bros after. I was thinking of getting a coffee, but decided on a large hot chocolate. It really hit the spot. Someone said it's a great recovery drink. I'm not so sure, but I won't disagree. I was smart enough to take off my jacket while indoors. It was chilly walking back to the car. Even with clothes that wick away moisture, once you stop you cool down quickly. At least I do and I perspire quite a bit. Some interesting conversations, a few good jokes and I got in a "that's what she said" that everyone laughed at.

I'm so very glad it's a short week this week. Go back for more blood work in the am. Have to fast! They will check my thyroid levels and blood sugar, too. Looks like rain and cold days until Thanksgiving which at this point looks like the best day of the week. It will be good to see family together.

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maggie's mind said...

A short week and a hot chocolate - both are always welcome, aren't they?