12 November, 2008

Not getting enough bike time

Long days at work, obligations with Mom and cold and/or rainy weather are playing against me. I did get on the trainer last night for an hour for a medium spin.

Tomorrow is supposed to be mid 60s and dry in the afternoon, so am planning on getting out of the office no later than 4 and head to the park. Club ride with lights at 5:30. I was hoping to do at least one of the 60 mile rides this weekend. Guess it depends on the ride captains. Forecast mentioned snow on Saturday, but I doubt there will be any accumulation. Time to get some gloves and underarmour!

Work is overwhelming with a to do list that just grows and grows. I really need to make time for the bike or find another outlet. So scared I'll start eating and sleeping too much more! Just make it til next month and can fit in the club Trainer Tours twice a week at a minimum.

The drive home was fun today, a near miss by a semi and a deer on Routte Rd. Guess I still have that guardian angel hanging around. :-)

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