27 November, 2008

Happy Day, full of thanks

Yesterday was only half a day at work, but somehow it seemed I accomplished more than a typical 8 hour day. Then I went and got my Mom and took her to the grocery. We had a good argument and I told her how difficult it has gotten to look forward to spending time with her. Most times I would feel bad/guilty within a few hours, but not this time. Last night she called me and apologised. This has never happened in all my 50 years.

We spent the entire day together today with my sister, brother and most of our children. It was a gorgeous day. The sun shone brightly and it was mid 50s. I had teased about putting my bike on the car and riding after the big meal. I didn't. Very good day!

There is a show and go 50 tomorrow. Weather should be about the same. I toyed with the idea of taking Mom shopping, but I need a day without her and I truly hate to shop. I will find a few hours soon.

She asked me if it would bother me if she smoked in my car, I answer, "yes it would". She lit it anyway. Go figure.

It was 16 months on Sunday tobacco free. Didn't realise til yesteray. Life is good!

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