04 November, 2008

Deer are running rut!

It's time to be careful, very careful. Driving home tonight I missed a deer by less than 2 feet.

Fantastic day for election day. First time in 32 years I had to wait 1:20 to vote. I was proud that so many have exercised their right this year. The temps reached 77F today. I had a long day on calls, in meetings - 2 @ an hour and a half each. Sux! So to clear my head I went out for the club ride. Started in daylight, but ended at pitch dark. Good group of about 12. Had a very nice ride. Wind chill was cool through the parks.

Now to wait and see what happens with the election. It will be interesting to watch and maybe just a little scary.

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maggie's mind said...

It really was amazing to see the turnout. What exciting (and kind of scary, too) times we live in.