05 December, 2008

Has been a roller coaster of a week

Started the trainer tours on Tuesday and went back last night. Man do I have a lot of work to do! My cardio is not where I'd like to see along with my ability to spin at the cadence. A friend told me that I keep moving the bar and will never be satisfied. I hope so! It's not fun if it's easy. We need a challenge.

The week at work has been crammed full of tasks. I've stressed over trying to get this and then that wrapped up. Always depending upon others. I so miss being on a team. I can be so much more productive when other individuals are involved, sharing their ideas, having someone to bounce my ideas off of.

I've not sleep much. Too many nights waking and staying awake for an hour to two. Finally went to see the gyno again. Had a few items to discuss. She put me on a low dose estrogen that is topical not oral. I hope it works, but after two days, I've experienced worse power surges and sweats during the work day now! Patience!

On top of this of course it's been an emotional roller coaster of a week. Happy, sad, angry, crying for no reason, giddy, butterflies, flirting, horny, anxious, daydreaming a wonderful and scary mix of stuff!

One good thing from the docs is, I now weigh 148 pounds! Broke the 150 mark, now that heavier weight stays on the left and the smaller marks the pounds. I've gone from 172 in April 07 to this. Long, determined, life style change. Quitting smoking is good! Patience with yourself is imperative. We can all do this, if it is a desire.

Let me know how you are doing if you've made a change. Life is an adventure and should be fun!

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