23 December, 2008

Time off! Now is the time to really work hard

Yesterday was my last day in the office until 5 January. I got home and the hubby and his boys were playing music. I ate a few bits of spaghetti, got geared up, and rode the trainer for 2 hours while listening to tunes on youtube. It felt so good to spin out into a zone and sweat bullets. I've discovered Sia, she's real bluesy, but I was spinning into oblivion with her in my ears.

Today was "try to remember it's not a race" while finishing the gift purchasing and grocery shopping. What an adrenaline rush! All while driving on slickery roads and listening to a new accident being reported every few minutes. But alas, no snow this year for Christmas.

I have a plan to work hard these two weeks. on the bike and starting to run. What I want is to sign up for the triple crown and race the spring cycling series. Hmm, ambitious yep, but what the hell? I am well past half my life expectancy.

Time to work on the bike too. Dixie is in Yuma. Wants me to visit. sounds good if I can float a tic for me and bike.

Merry Christmas

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