05 February, 2009

Back to normal? What is normal?

I had a fantastic day on Sunday. It warmed enough to get out and ride with the fast boys. The temps were high 40s and most of the roads were just wet. There was quite a lot of slush still in Cherokee park and some places still a couple of inches of slush where you couldn't find any pavement for your tires to ride on. I got dropped on Jefferson early, but caught back up to them and hung until 4th street. Then they took off, I sprinted and kept them in sight all the way back to turning onto Brook on Market, but I'm just not fast enough. It was a fun ride, spray and mud in my face for the first 8 miles anyway.

Most people have their power back, with several exceptiions.The temps dropped all week, this morning they said it was 9F, but my car read 0F. The trainer tours got cancelled due to the church losing power. I've ridden my trainer, but ribs still have a tender spot and have difficulty standing in the pedals and working hard on intervals.

Last night I went to watch the Roller Race Championships. Talk about fun times!. Everyone asked where my bike was and I said I'd never ridden rollers before. But then discovered that several of the racers were novices and still raced. They had spotters holding them on the rollers while they spun like mad. Met several new people and learned a few new things, too.

I'm excited about going to Oli's after work for a spin session. I am hoping I can get the interval work going, I need to work these legs and sweat. Afterwards we are joining some other girls for bison burgers and beer at Cumberland Brews. Temps are going up for the weekend and I am going to get some road miles, rain or shine!

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