16 February, 2009

So the 3-hour ride wasn't a total bust

But it wasn't 3 hours either. We met at 8 am at Seneca bathrooms. There were 7 of us. Headed out to Massey and Blankenbaker for points east. They were hammering from the start, hitting 20 mph with no warm-up. I'd drop and then catch up at a light or down-hill. I have no problem pouring it on downhill and passing on the left. I knew before we hit Blankenbaker I wasn't going to hang. B was going to hang with me, but I said go. I am not going to mess up someone else's workout, I'm a big girl. Once we hit River Road I grabbed onto B's wheel and was fine til Glenview, but my thighs were lead. I motioned and pulled left and off. They said grab back on, but I just didn't have it. I rode to Harrod's creek bridge solo. By that time my legs finally warmed up and my thighs weren't feeling quite so heavy. I came back River Road and took Glenview through St. Matthews and back to Seneca where I looped the field a few times for some easy mileage. My cyclometer has decided it doesn't like temps below 30, actually I think it's the battery. So I didn't get a good reading on mileage at all and forgot to check the HR monitor too!

I laid back in the car and listened to music and tried to warm up. A couple of the cyclists came back by and tapped on the window. Asked if I wanted to join them, but I'd already pulled off my wet clothes and was finally getting warm. Made plans for lunch so while they continued I went to Heine Bro for hot chocolate. More warmth!

Spent a lazy afternoon, lunch, shower, nap. Then went to a cycling bud's home for a wine tasting party. What a great time! Met some new people and chatted with several of the cyclists I've just met and have been riding with. My world is growing again. There are so many good and interesting and funny people out there!

Today was holiday, so no work. Well almost no work. Still put in about 2.5 hours and had a thirty minute call with Australia tonight. I finally wrapped up and took my bike to Long Run park. This is where the first race is going to be. I should spend next weekend riding and riding and riding it to get stronger. I got in 3 laps and the noise my bike was making was driving me crazy! So, I put it on the car and drove it to Clarksville Schwin. They said the rear derailleur was out of alignment, the chain was worn out (original) and suggested a new cassette, too. I waited while they worked and then they came and said the rear brake pads were worn out. Glad I took it in and they could get to it.

Tomorrow, back to work and then Trainer Tours! I have so much to do to get ready for this race. I need to do hill repeats in the worst way!!!!!!

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