14 February, 2009

What a great ride

Still lots to learn as I go. Rode with new Rogue team members, et all. Route changed at breakfast. Oli fed us very well with biscuits, sausage, bacon, eggs, freshly roasted ground coffee. YUM! Rode to JMF, first time I'd been in the forest, though I've been to Blevin's Gap. Mitchell hill kicked my butt. But it is the easiest of all of them out there. They were planning on riding Pendleton, but the ice and wind storms wreaked havoc and trees were down and the hill/road was closed. I was going to wait for them.

Wound up with 50 total miles. Rode the last hour alone as the rest wanted to do Iroquois. I was wiped and still had an hour to get back. Would've been faster with them, but I didn't want to stop that long and get cold.

8am tomorrow for 3 hours. Then a party tomorrow late afternoon. Always something going on it seems.

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