19 November, 2010

supposed to count blessings

and most times I try real hard to do just that. But today as I drove down the road this thought popped in my head. I tried to shake it, really I did. But I could not remember the last time someone held my hand. Seems small I s'pose. But it's not in my psyche'  I miss being touched, held, engaged physically and aurally too. 

Started thinking about asking to be called home. premature? I dunno anymore

peace to you


Anonymous said...

Give it some time. You just never know. It's dark times for many people, but look at what you have. You've got the bike, you've got a job, and you've got friends. I know it's not the love that you want, but there's days ahead of you. You just never know.

Sherri said...

still hasn't happened, I guess it's OK too