15 November, 2010

Correction/Revision to Infirmary Mound

Not all of my new friends with CX or cycling in general live out of town. I get to ride with some of the best ladies in Louisville each Wednesday for CX and Monday on the recovery rides.  I am so fortunate in many regards. 

During the third lap, Rachel came around me and did her best to get me to grab her wheel. I wanted to and I tried but I had popped my cork. I needed to get my HR down. So I watched her inch away and by the time I got out of the double track to the pavement she was GONE. 

Staci is so very strong. It's been so much fun seeing her win all year. Except I only get to see the pictures after the fact. I love it that she rode the runup yesterday and it's digitized for posterity.

I had many people cheering my name again yesterday. This truly gives me strength I'd otherwise never find. What's the coolest is when the kids are out there encouraging me.  Good vibes for sure.

peace everyone


Anonymous said...

Fleur De Lis is going to bring a gaggle of girls into cyclocross next season. You'll be kicking girls out of your car!


Judi said...

i love all you guys that we've raced with this year! it's been fun!