25 November, 2010


plans are a fact of life these days. 

I was so very excited. Go to my sis's place with my girls and finally have a semblance of the family together again. I've not been to my sis's new house, though she's been living there more than a year now. We all received an invite and everyone said they'd be there. 

I had to go pick up some stuff from my youngest yesterday. I got home and went back out to run to the grocery and the battery was dead, again. It was dead on Sunday and the Francisco's gave me a jump so I drove all the way home from Lexington with no stops. I called my bro and he came and took me to Autozone and I bought a new battery. For the life of me I can't seem to figure out how to get the damned thing out of the van. There is a clip somewhere, but I can't find it. 

I called my new son-in-law last night to get some advice on the battery. It was late and he said he'd come out today and help. But also said they were going to stay home and have dinner there. It has poured all day so I called him this morning and said not to get out in this rain. I went out several times today and tried to figure out how to remove the battery, finally got the cables off. But still can't figure out the damned thing. My bro said I could ride with him to my sis's but I hadn't heard from my other daughter. I couldn't leave her behind. I was supposed to take Mom home. 

I really wanted to see everyone. Shit happens. I kept trying to figure out the battery. I made bean soup. I changed the tire on the pt to slick and started to ride rollers. hard to do in my state so started reading. can't seem to get into anything. craved a cigarette again ARGHHHHH 

stupid me

hope you find peace, hope I find it soon 

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AM said...

You are not stupid! A car battery can be attached to a vehicle in many different ways. Not all of them are obvious. I'm sorry things have been difficult for you lately. It seems like badness comes in waves.