29 November, 2010

Deadlines and life

find a way to distract me from time to time. Here's a quote from Joe Friel:
Miss one key workout and you know it.
Miss two and the competition knows it.
Miss three and everyone knows it.

That's definitely how I feel. I've not gotten in the workouts I should have for the last couple of weeks. Here comes the end of the season like a locomotive screaming down the tracks and I've just not gotten the job done as far as CX goes.  

I'm having fun and that is most important. Still trying to decide about Saturday, but definitely will race on Sunday. It's double points in the series contest!  :-) At the rate I'm going though I'll manage to drop another couple of places and completely out of the running for anything in that competition.

I'm super excited about next week. Finally a vacation away. Have transportation for my bike and gear. Have a friend going with me to share room and car expense. AND about 1:00 pm on Thursday I officially will be in my off-season. Beer will be flowing and lots of races to watch for the next two days. Cheering on the Red Zone kids and friends that are racing, too. 

Then I come home and just ride to ride and get some nice miles under my belt. I want to do more in the knobs and the forest. I want to find some women and get out there and ride all weekend, every weekend. I also want to ride my mtn bike every chance I get, weather permitting. :-)

peace everyone

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