01 December, 2010

Final OVCX race is almost here

and I toyed with racing both days. I'd really like the opportunity to up my points. But with next weeks trip, I've decided to save my $ on gas and entry fee. I'm hoping my fitness improves this week. I was looking forward to one more CX practice today, but it was canceled. It's all good, everything must come to an end. right? Can't wait to see the ladies one more time on Sunday. This has been such a fun year of racing with all of them.

Project delivered today, but the file corrupted. woo hoo!!! Year end review went much better than I expected. WOOT!!!

513 extended an invite to their year-end celebration. Totally cool of them to ask the 502. I'd really like to attend. We'll see.

It's turned cold, which is probably good since next week will be frigid in Bend I think. I wonder if there will be mud or snow or ice. I've never raced in any of those conditions. Another opportunity for a first of many firsts these past two years.

I'm anxious and excited to head to Bend. I'm lucky a fellow cyclist is meeting me and sharing car and room. First solo vacation ever for me. I'm so ready to get away. It's been too long.



Judi said...

im so excited for you. i will give you and cooper a shout out on DC!

Sherri said...

you are so good to me - I am the luckiest girl around to have friends like you.

Should be fun in Bend. Wish you could be there too.

AM said...

I hope you enjoy Bend. We were there for June for mountain biking. The entire area is on a lava flow that has vegetation growing on it. There are giant lava boulders everywhere. It's a La Nina winter, so it's likely to be wet. Good luck with the racing!

AM said...

How was it? Was it fun?