28 December, 2010

so much to learn

today was great!  

first I shopped for sunglasses. I swear between HR monitors and sunglasses I am B R O K E! ha ha  I looked and tried on and asked questions, but one of my best friends took time with me and helped me find what I wanted.

went mtn biking with a friend on fire roads. 2 people, not in prime shape, but taking time, raising the heart rate well above threshhold, and just laughing having fun and getting to know each other a little better.

Then dinner with brother and sister, Something that took way too long to do. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was engrossed in all of the conversation. I now know why I miss them so much.

Wish I knew how to do love the right way. Maybe it will come, maybe it won't. But one thing is for sure, there are lot's of people in my life that I care for deeply. Maybe that should be the most important thing.

peace to all

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