15 December, 2010

2010 CX Nationals, Bend OR part 3

So I left out some stuff. Thursday afternoon saw the first Singlespeed Championships @ Natz. What a race! Craig Alexander dominated, while wearing blue jean cutoffs. Did I mention that sunsets about 4:30 and it's pitch by 5:00? probably, so I repeat somethings and leave out others.
"running" up stairs @ Bend

I called B2 to let him know I would be happy to work the pit or be support for his race. Said he wasn't going to use the pit but I could grab his stuff at the start line. Just so happened one of the kids loaned him a pit bike. This was good as he needed it on the first lap. But he was able to pass quite a few once back on the course. His was another fun race to watch. Tilford dominated the race. It was raining at the start but by mid first lap had changed to snow, some of the biggest flakes I'd seen in a while. Temps dropped and snow filled the air. I'm glad I was able to support. That's what team mates are all about, right? well, friends too.

I missed a lot of the next race, but another Louisville cyclist was in that one. We cheered and rang our cowbells for him, too. Next came the 17/18 year olds. Two local boys from Red Zone and another from the Lionhearts were in this race. So exciting to watch! D2 came in third and his team mate came in 11th, barely missing top ten but had a most exciting race. When finished he was completely brown with mud and said his eyelids were frozen open due to the mud sticking to them. D2 left today for Eurocamp and is representing the US on Sunday at the world cup. Go D2!! 

Later in the afternoon they held the U23 race and another local male cyclist raced. I missed the majority of this one too. Then the last race of the day we had two more locals in the 30-34 AG. A fun race to cheer and run around the course trying to catch glimpses.

There are some great videos of the actions at http://www.cyclingdirt.org/video and photographs at http://galleries.cascadeeventphotography.com/g/2010_cx_nats
After the races, CAO and I went back to the room, cleaned up, packed, ate, napped and then went back for the Clydesdale races at 9:30 and the after party. Fun times. It was midnight before we hit the bed and set our alarms to get up at 4:15 to leave by 5 am. Her phone rang at 4, the airline saying her 2nd leg from Chicago to Cincy was cancelled. All workd out well in the end and she was able to reroute through Houston. 

Next year is in Madison, WI. I have a feeling it will be a very cold week as it will be 2nd week of January 2012. (not sure why they had to move the dates) It's within driving distance. So, I'll have to see if I can find another crazy person to drive up and share expenses.

I put my shoes and helmet on the trailer with my bike. I've wanted to ride my mtn bike since I got home, but have no shoes. so dumb But I'll drive to Cincy this weekend and pick up my stuff. A few friends that live up there are talking about a mtn bike ride on Saturday. I hope I can join them if logistics work out. 

I think I'm gonna miss my CX friends for the next months. I'll have to find something else to fill my weekends. I hope weather permits outdoor riding, but it looks like lots of trainer time for now. Next couple of weeks I need to think about goals for 2011, both personal and cycling. Need to start looking for permanent abode as well. Time to settle down, buy some furniture, unpack and get comfy.

peace everyone

CX Rules!!!


AM said...

Thanks for the reportage. I admire you for racing CX. That takes intestinal fortitude!

Grasshopper said...

If you can't ride, then fill your weekends with some hiking. We'd love to have you.