26 December, 2010

The best gift

for me has nothing to do with wrappings and bows. I wanted what I always want: Time with family and friends. My girls gave me the most precious gift, time to spend with them. Late in the afternoon we gathered at daughter #1's place. We cooked, visited and chatted and caught up on each other's lives. Of course we ate. We ate from the time the door closed behind us until we pulled out of the drive. I'm still stuffed, 24 hours later. Leftovers might have something to do with that.

One of these days we'll get the whole family together, again. I'm starting to look at real estate. My apartment is small and inconvenient for entertaining. I've been invited to friend's parties over the last year and a half and I truly want to reciprocate. 

Another gift, I gave myself was time off the bike. I've only been off the bike like this when I broke my collar bone. Before today I'd ridden 3 times since my race in Bend. I've gained weight, gotten lazy and my hips ache and don't work so well. Today I got on the trainer for an hour. I plan to spend at least 2 hours on the bike most of the days from now to next week. I'm on vacation until next year! I need to get organized. I need to set some goals for 2011. Both for racing and for work and even personally. We'll see how this goes.

I hope everyone has received the gifts they wanted.



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