14 December, 2010

2010 CX Nationals, Bend OR part 2

Fresh kits, bikes loaded, and off to the CX venue. It was very cool and my only regret was that I didn't bag my feet. I've decided pre-riding a course is much better than riding blind, at least as a newbie. CAO pre-rode with me and she was glad she did, even though she could've the next day following her TT and the days' events. I did one lap, she did two. The water was a shock, the mud was tough and new to figure out but the soggy grass sucked the life energy out of my legs. I took my bike to the free bike wash put on by Pedro's while she rode her second lap. I was pooped and hungry. We headed back to the hotel for a nice dip in the hot tub and some food.

Thursday was tricky for me. She and the kids had their TTs the same time I was racing. I dropped her at the TT venue and they gave her a ride back to the main course after. I drove myself over to team parking. Got my trainer setup and started my warmup. We did all prep such as pinning numbers and mixing gatorade at the room. 27 women were at the start line for my race. I was 13th from the TT. I didn't wear a jacket or take a water bottle since there was no one there to hand them off to. I was surprised how comfortable I stayed without a jacket. I felt strong at the start, but several got past me before the water. I was holding my own and passed a couple of cyclists, but once we got to the soggy grass by the roadway I started losing some ground. I can't remember when except that I fell once on my left and once on my right sides. I was mud soaked, for sure. I never got off of my bike except for the stairs. They didn't put up barriers until the next day. The runup in the Bob's Redmill bowl had 3 lines, didn't matter which I took my rear wheel wanted to slide down the hill so I footed myself to the top on the left side and flew down the opposite side, which  scared me and made me pucker up. The flyover was fun, except I forgot to keep my pedals level on one lap and one bottomed out and bounced. The stairs were just torture for me. I know this will be a good place to start training and none too soon. Thinking about running the stairwells in the tower at work once a week starting in Jan.

The falls and stairs were my biggest time losers. I'm just glad I didn't get pulled, though I finished one lap down. I wasn't DFL, but not sure if that was because the last place woman had a mechanical or what. I was soaked and muddy and made my way to the jeep where I crawled up into, started the engine and slowly began to peel off the muddy kit. This seemed to take me forever. My legs and feet were covered in mud even after removing all attire. Towel, dry socks and warm head covering were all instrumental in my not getting chilled to the bone. My memory fades after this. I know we go get a nice hot bath and go out to eat.  I was so happy to have all of my racing behind me!

Friday is her race. It's not until 1:00. The girls start at 8:30 so I stay to see the start of their race. Then I head over to the TT course since B2 is the only one over there and he goes off at 9:30ish. He did great from what I saw. Others in front of him were riding their brakes on a downhill section but he flew like the wind going down it. I cheered and took pictures with my blackberry. Should've bought a camera. Once he was done I drove back over to the main venue. We watched the boys race. I grabbed some lunch. Then I took her spare wheels to the pits and stayed in the pits for her. I was so glad I could be there, cheering her on as she came through each time. She did great, finished on the lead lap! I'm amazed at the season she had. She was blown off her bike in May and broke her pelvis in several places. Came to CX season, her 2nd and improved with each race and coming in at the top of the series for her age/cat.

If CAO hadn't gone with me my experience would've been so much different. Not nearly as good and pleasant. I would've been lost and most likely depressed had I been solo. She is a gem.

more later...

peace to all

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