06 November, 2010

Wounds almost healed

so it must be time for another Cyclocross race! 

Storm the Greens was great fun and hard. Being on our regular practice place didn't really help. 5 sand pits that were all ridable and only one dismount for stairs made it a good opportunity for me. I chased Judi and maybe passed her once or twice. We battled the entire race, but she got me in the end.

It's been an interesting few weeks. Lots of life and project deadlines for work. Got a head cold. I've ridden my bike 3 times since Sunday. Today was much colder than I was prepared for. I mean, I dressed for it, fleece bibs, underarmor, 2 pairs socks, fleece jersey/jacket, skull cap and full gloves. Legs felt like lead. I was sluggish and just didn't feel like I was getting warm. Did my efforts and they hurt. I've been back and done for almost 2 hours and the wheezing has not subsided. 

I just read a course report from a friend for tomorrow's Gun Club CX outside Cincy. This is gonna be ugly. Good times. I bought a van last weekend, so now no more begging for rides and being stressed when they don't pan out. A friend lent me his drill, I bought some hardware and a 2x6 that I had cut into 2 4' lengths. I now have the hardware installed on one of the 2x6's and can mount 2 bikes in the back of my van where they will be stable as I drive. Woo Hoo!

Now to pack everything up and get a decent night's sleep.

Road trip!

peace to all

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Anonymous said...

You are a rock star. Can't wait to see you tearing it up again.