18 November, 2010

Not quite there

but I almost made it through one month with no major mishaps. Somehow I've trashed my Powertap wheel. I have only raced it twice, Gun Club and Columbus. I failed to keep the computer turned on at Gun Club. Thought it would be good to capture data from at least one race. I didn't crash or fall or anything on Sunday. 

I went to change the tire to road so I could get on the trainer Tuesday night. I've been doing these through the week, switching back and forth. I noticed the rim was bent. Took it to the LBS and they said it can't be fixed. great.  Did I not run the right pressure? They said I had to have hit something. I don't remember a thud or anything. good grief.

So I picked up the set of rollers and came home and rode them. Of course it was finding the other road wheels, trying to set the computer to hr only. Still don't have that figured out. I got in about 45 minutes, though probably only 30 recorded. Not bad for the first time in about 9 months. So I managed a smile after after all.


peace to all

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