02 October, 2010

Two wheels and two feet are ok for now

but they won't be enough to get me to Cincy next weekend or even enough to get me to Tour de Louisville tomorrow.  Correction, I could ride to the race tomorrow. But I doubt I'd have enough energy to ride home after riding there and racing.

I had a nasty tummy ache last night. Went to bed before 9. Slept almost all night except for waking briefly twice. I was still miserable this morning. But needed to get somethings done, 1) get a new copy of my driver's license that I lost on a bike ride and 2) go to the eye doctor and get new contacts, since I've been wearing my last pair for at least 3 weeks. (procrastinate much?)

It took me a while to get moving. Oatmeal wasn't going to work. I scrambled an egg. I kept walking out on the deck. It was cool. I didn't want to do the errands in my spandex kit. Just didn't seem appropriate. so, I got out my stretchy jeans that are too big and a long sleeved shirt with my wind vest and headed out. Man! it was very cool in the park with the wind chill on the bike.

Anyway, I did my stuff and by the time I got back to my neighborhood I was feeling almost normal. Riding a bike does that for me. After soaking some beans and doing laundry and praying it would rain and then watching the rain fall and stop I walked to the store. It's always fun to walk down Bardstown Rd and watch all of the people. There is such a wide variety of souls out and about.

My tummy is still not right. I didn't get my openers in for tomorrow's race. It's gonna hurt very badly, I just know it. I'm thinking that all this stuff with the car wreck and settling with the insurance company has just got me stressed. I don't want to shop for a car. I don't want a car payment. So, I think I'll find something older. It's not like I need a car for every day. Just weekend races mostly.

peace to all

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AM said...

Have you considered a minivan? Before you laugh, think about how much you can put in one of those suckers. I had one for years, just loved it. We ejected the middle seat and put fork mounts on a piece of plywood so two bikes could ride inside, out of the rain. If you eject the back seat, there's mass storage available for your cycling pleasure. They do not hold their value, so used should be cheap.