13 October, 2010

UCI3 weekend

We'll try this again. So after all of the transportation changes, I make it to Cincy races on Saturday and Sunday. I originally planned on racing all three days, but some life events happened early in the week that prevented my racing on Friday. Happy that I hadn't registered til I found this out. 

Like I said, I slept ok on Friday night. I was breathing well on Saturday. I got to pre-ride the course and while the temps were cool, I was very warm at the end of the pre-ride. So I was glad I hadn't worn a base-layer or arm-warmers. The course was fast for the most part and fun. I need more skill in the turns and more fitness for sprinting out of the turns, but also running the barriers and other areas for running. My heart just feels like it's in my throat and I have nothing for the running portions. Java Johnny's was a good time. I hung around and cheered on the Cat 3 Master's and saw the first of the Elite women, but needed to get home so I missed the end of the races. Arriving home around 6:30 I planned to do a few important things, but was worn out. In bed by 10, but didn't put more than 2 hours of sleep together and was awake at least 5 times before 5 am. 

Harbin Park was the Sunday race and it was pretty much all about power. I didn't get away until 7 so still not much prep time before the race. I did get one lap of pre-ride, which is important. Judi and Karen were there (two of my favorite competitors) along with a fellow Rogue from the 513.

This course had everything except mud. There's one down-hill from a grassy hillside into single=track through woods and back up the other side on a grassy knoll that scared me bad. I almost went all out the last time down it, but held back just a little. There was one place many had trouble with early on, it was a short, uphill turn to the left over tree roots and dusty dirt. I decided to ride it and almost made it when at the apex I lost it and went down. This cost me at least 6 places. The straight away to the finish was an uphill effort on thick grass that was at least 3 inches tall. I heard one person say it was like riding sponges and magnets. As you approached the finish line there was a short (2 ft or so) steep incline. Once over that hump you proceeded uphill into a long straight deep fluffy sand pit. I saw a few people ride this. By the time I got to it my legs were screaming. I had no fuel left to ride or run, so I slogged through the sand. Can't really call it walking either. The rest of the course was fun, hard but fun. I rode the second sand pit each lap with no problems.

I am not aggressive enough I've decided. These last races I've been too tentative and allowed others to pass. Just didn't feel like duking it out, because I didn't want to fall down again. But it seems I'm gonna fall anyway. So looking where I am in the OVCX points standings and USGP in 10/11 days from now I need to HTFU, suck it up and ride the Bloomington race as hard as my legs will allow.

After driving solo 2 days (10 hours) in a row to Cincy and the fatigue that set in and prevented a good night's sleep, I've sent out emails to find someone to carpool with. Bloomington will be at least 4.5 hour round trip. It gets lonely in the car and after a race I get sleepy. I've rec'd no responses except from people not going. I'm sure it will be a fun race, no matter. The temps should be much better, too.

peace to all


Judi said...

i thought you had a place to stay sat. you know i had a place for you a few miles from my house....did not know you drove up both days!

Sherri said...

nuthin but a thang darlin' it's all good