12 October, 2010

Waited too long

and can't remember much, but here goes. I posted up on purplerides about hitching a ride with someone. I get responses from two people who weren't going. Go figure. I asked a friend about a ride who said we could work it out. Another friend contacted me about riding together, which was very cool. Then on Thursday #2 had projects come up and couldn't go. No worries, so I talk to #1 who says he'd call Friday night about logistics. I talked to my youngest about lots of stuff and her husband offered me his car. They brought it over to me. Which was a very good things since #1 never called.

So, after packing the car Friday night and sleeping ok I drive to cincy. I didn't leave as early as I intended. I like to have 2 hours before race start, I had an hour. I signed in and started getting ready. Decided I wasn't going to be all nervous about this race, there were large numbers of women in this race and I just wanted to finish midpack. Java Johnny's was technical, with a lot of twists and turns around trees and over acorns, but then also some fast straight stretches. There were a few short steep hills thrown in as well as a few places where you rode across a paved road riding down a curb and up the other side. I thought I did well with the hole-shot start, but lost some places on the twisty turns. I passed a few people on a straight away and even rode the steep hills. The sand pits killed me. And then on the last lap as I was twisting around a tight third tree in a row I fell. It was slow motion. And I couldn't do anything but laugh a huge belly laugh. I lost ground but got up and finished the race. 28 women in the 35+ cat 3/4 started, 24 finished and I was 20. Good enough. I stayed to watch and cheer on others. I was sad at the beginning of my race as there were no Rogues to be seen. However, there were some hometown folks (adults and youths) that cheered me on as I raced. This was good stuff.

It's late and my memory is fading. We'll see about Sunday's race another day.

peace to all

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